Are Rain Shower Heads Good?

Are rain shower heads good? When it comes to having a gentle, relaxing, and rain-like shower, rain shower heads are all that we need. Whether it is about the design, water pressure, or installation, everything is up to the mark in them.

The best part is rain shower heads save water, unlike ordinary shower heads. But the bad news is they offer some downsides which makes us confused if rain shower heads are worth it or not. This article will help you to know about it.

What Are Rain Shower Heads?

Rain shower heads or waterfall shower heads, mimic the rain shower. These shower heads are usually mounted above the head or ceiling, that’s why we call them fixed rain shower heads. Their diameter is around 5 inches and the size is between 8 inches and 12 inches. Some showers are even mounted without the wall with the shower arm.

Are Rain Shower Heads Good?

No doubt, rain shower heads offer immense benefits that any shower lover would want. Unfortunately, it offers some downsides as well. Well, the key points below can help you to know what aspects of rain shower heads are good and what aspects they are bad.

Why Are Rain Shower Heads Good?

Has A Sleek Design

Rain shower heads are always a good option for their stylish and sleek design. Since they work as a fixed shower head, they can be a fine centerpiece in your bathroom. Thanks to their larger size and shape which bring elegance to the environment.

Covers The Full Body

There are numerous holes in a rain shower head as its size is large enough. Besides, it offers a water flow with a balanced water pressure. You will see lots of nozzles in the disc of a rain shower head, which means it will flow water in a big range and cover your entire body. In fact, couples can enjoy a shower together under a rain shower head.

Installation Is Easy

Rain shower heads are mostly fitted on the ceiling or walls. It means you won’t have to struggle with their installation as much as you had to do with your handheld shower heads. Although its installation is a bit more complicated than some standard shower heads, following its manual can solve your problem.

Conserves Water

Now, modern rain shower heads have come with a water-saving technology that conserves water like magic. It is because now rain shower heads include built-in water flow regulators that save a lot of water.

Manageable Temperature And Flow

Like any high-quality shower heads, rain shower heads offer the option of changing temperature. Hopefully, you know the right spigot is for cool water and the left spigot is for hot water. Besides, you will get LED illumination and options for spray settings. These advanced features are mostly inevitable in the newer rain shower heads.

Why Are Rain Shower Heads Not Good?

Needs High Maintenance

Rain shower heads are mostly prone to buildups as they remain fixed on the ceiling or wall. So it is important to clean the disc and the inside of the shower head frequently. This can be bothersome for users as these shower heads require high maintenance.


Since rain shower heads come with a sleek design and finish, their prices are high accordingly. They are versatile, but not as much as their price. That’s why most people consider rain shower heads as mediocre options.

Takes Time To Shower

As said earlier, rain shower heads have a water flow regulator that helps in conserving water. This can be a downside for us because the water flow becomes limited. It means you can’t have as much water pressure as you want when you are running late for work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do rain shower heads waste more water?

No, rain shower heads don’t waste water, in fact, it conserves water. Thanks to its water-saving technology with a flow regulator that minimizes the water pressure.

What shower heads are the best?

Here are some amazing shower heads that can be a good addition to your bathroom.

  • Kohler Flipside Shower Head
  • Hopopro High-Pressure Shower Head
  • Waterpik High-Pressure Powerpulse Shower Head
  • Moen S6320 Two-Function Rainshower

How to clean a rain shower head?

To clean a rain shower head, you must fill a plastic bag with water and vinegar. Then put your shower head inside it and fasten the bag. This will remove all buildups from the shower head. Then rinse the shower head with clean water and let it air dry.

Final Verdict

Since rain shower heads combine some merits and demerits, you may still wonder, Are rain shower heads good? Well, the answer is yes. They offer a suitable and relaxing experience in the shower that we all seek.

Most importantly, rain shower heads conserve water which is a plus point for users who are concerned with water wastage. However, their price, maintenance, and water flow may bother some people. Yet this showerhead is worth it for acquisition as its benefits cover its downsides.

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