How To Remove Flow Restrictor From Delta Shower Head?

How to remove flow restrictor from delta shower head? To remove the flow restrictor from your Delta shower head, keep a clip and needle nose pliers ready. They will help you to pull out the restrictor.

Anyways, the flow restrictor from your Delta shower head will come out when you remove the rubber seal from its handheld unit. Then you will find the flow restrictor which would be green or any colour. Afterwards, you can put the rubber seal back into place.

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How To Remove Flow Restrictor From Delta Shower Head?

Like the modern models, the Delta shower head also offers a removable shower head. So whenever you feel like the water flow is restricted, and there is no other solution, simply remove the flow restrictor. Since the process is a bit delicate, you must opt for the proper steps. Here we have mentioned it clearly.

Find The Restrictor

There is a little handheld unit in Delta shower heads that pops out from it. Also, it remains mounted to the water outlet. Inside it, you will get a water restrictor, i.e. underneath the screen.

Remove The Rubber Seal

Make sure you start the process gently so that you don’t destroy the rubber seal. However, removing the seal will give you access to the flow restrictor. Afterwards, the water can flow more easily than before.

Lift Out The Screen

Take a little clip to remove your Delta showerhead’s flow restrictor. This is available in almost all hardware stores. You can use a smaller clip as you need to get under the rubber grommet or the rubber seal. This will lift out the screen and the rubber seal. Then you will see a green piece, i.e. the water or flow restrictor.

Take The Flow Restrictor Up

You can use needle nose pliers to take the flow restrictor up. You may find it hard to film the restrictor and take it out at the same time. With the needle nose plier, you need to take the little tab out.

Push The Rubber Seal

Now you will see a clean and clear opening of your Delta shower head without a flow restrictor. It is time to replace the screen or rubber seal by pushing it all the way down.

When you screw the shower head into your water outlet, it will push water where it needs to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all shower heads have a removable flow restrictor?

Almost all shower heads include a flow restrictor, especially the newer models. However, some old models in the market don’t offer removable flow restrictors in shower heads

Should I remove the shower head flow restrictor?

Although flow restrictors in shower heads are removable, it is better not to remove them. Since flow restrictions are an integral part of shower heads, no professional will suggest you remove them.

Is it illegal to remove the flow restrictor?

Let’s say the water level and flow in your area are low. The reason can be the implemented flow restrictors in shower heads. In that case, it would be illegal to remove the flow restrictor as it will reduce water flow for other users.

How to increase the flow rate in shower heads?

You can increase the flow rate of your shower head by cleaning and removing its buildup. This would be far better than removing the flow restrictor. Also, you must check if the water shut-off valve is opened completely or not.

Final Thoughts

How to remove flow restrictor from delta shower head? To remove the flow restrictor of your Delta shower head, you must take the rubber seal out from its handheld unit. Then use pliers to take the restrictor out.

One thing you must keep in mind is, don’t take the flow restrictor out unless it is extremely important. Because some states claim it is illegal to remove the flow restrictor.

If you really want to have a smooth water flow from your shower head, keep it clean every time.

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